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Boilmarks is simply a way of benchmarking the
capability to boil water in whatever way you like.
The idea is to take one liter of water to 100 Celsius.
That is 33.814594 oz (US) and 212 deg. F.
Let the cold water flow for about a minute and then
pour one liter of it into a suitable container and
turn on the stove/micro/water boiler or whatever.
Measure the time it takes to get the water to boil.
Easy enough? Check the The Boilmarks Page to get
an idea on how to fill in the form.
Because we want to and because the idea somehow
came up on a list recently.
Maybe another answer could be another question:
Have you ever wondered why it must take almost
10 minutes to make some tea in the old fashioned
way and does it take this long for everybody else
out there?

The Boilmarks
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